The Turracher Höhe is the first and only ski area, which includes all Fun Mountain offers with the Snowpark, the Funslope, the Kidsslope and the Funcross.

Snow & Funpark

Sport and fun for rookies and pros

Young and young-at-heart winter sports enthusiasts can enjoy their passion on the Turracher Höhe, which has now become a hotspot for the freestyle scene: for both rookies and pros, the 1.5 km long snowpark is a personal highlight. The spectacular, professionally maintained obstacles guarantee great shred sessions and are sure to make the hearts of free skiers and snowboarders of all standards beat faster.

Permanently installed SpotOn HD cameras in the snowpark enable all snowpark enthusiasts to film their sessions and to post the videos directly from the piste in Facebook via their Smartphones.

Funslope Turracher Höhe

The Funslope runs parallel to the Snowpark – a thrill for all the family, because it offers the perfect contrast to a conventional piste descent:

At an altitude of around 850 m there is a theme park consisting of various snow and non-snow obstacles which are a delight for young and old can explore. Over waves, little jumps and steep curves, the trail continues through tunnels and over obstacles such as a butterbox, a pan or the giant corkscrew, giving everyone an opportunity to demonstrate their skiing skills. Regardless of whether beginner or advanced, the funslope obstacles mean a varied and exciting ride for everyone.

You start the swift ride across the speedboost, which accelerates you to the perfect Funslope level. Afterwards, you will be going fast enough for some dynamic banked turns before heading on to the first special obstacle. Give the cushioned hand a high five but do not get irritated by the funny sounds – you will need to stay focused if you want to conquer the upcoming obstacles. It will get super exciting with the new highlight of the Funslope Turracher Höhe: We have updated the popular Fun Twister and proudly present the Double Twister! Now you can choose in which direction you want to whirl through this fun feature.

Nockys WinterZeit

“Nocky’s WinterZeit” – the Kids’ Slope on the Wildkopfpiste.

At a total of 530 metres of length, the children have plenty of space for their magical adventures which will be supported not only by Nocky but also the weasel, the mountain daw and the fox. Together with their animal companions, the little explorers dash through swift banked turns and wild waves, before riding through the mystical snow tunnel and high-fiving Nocky’s cushioned hand.

Funcross Turracher Höhe

With rapid banked turns and dynamic snow waves, the Funcross lets the whole family experience this awesome flow-feeling which makes it an absolute must-try for all athletic snow lovers!

With perfectly planted steep turns and snow waves you will find yourself in a rush in no time. To make sure you don’t get lost in this awesome state of flow, our Slope Cop cares for safety. Armed with his radar gun, he lies in ambush and lets you know when you are speeding. The friendly security guard displays your pace and when you’re going fast enough, he awards you with a funny scolding.